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WB Mills, PLLC, a Dallas Law Firm Focused on assisting Small and Mid-Sized Businesses with Copyright, Trademark, Business Litigation and Employment related disputes, helping to level the playing field.

WB Mills, PLLC f/k/a The Law Office of Wendy B. Mills was founded in 2006 with the goal of providing small and mid-sized businesses with high quality, cost-effective representation. The use of technology has made it possible for the firm to achieve this goal. The firm helps protect and defend its clients’ valuable business assets, including, but not limited to their Trademarks, Copyrights, Trade Secrets and Contract Rights through the Courts, Arbitration and before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB).

WB Mills’ attorneys also defend its clients against allegations of infringement and other civil wrongs. The firm’s philosophy toward litigation is to be tough on behalf of its clients in any particular dispute, while refusing to abandon professionalism and fairness. WB Mills, PLLC’s attorneys advise clients not only on how to protect their trademark and copyright rights through litigation and before the USPTO and TTAB, but also suggest strategies to protect and maximize the value of their trademarks and copyrights. For instance, many clients don’t realize that registration is only the first step in protecting their trademark and copyright rights. Once their mark or work is registered, they must also diligently continue to protect such rights through proper licensing and due diligence in monitoring the mark and/or copyright to ensure that if any infringement occurs, action will be taken in a timely and effective manner.

Trademark and Copyrights

  • In today’s ever-changing marketplace, intellectual property is becoming more and more an integral part of everyday business. Working to create strategies to develop, protect and increase the value of a businesses’ intellectual property is increasingly more important to its bottom line. Intellectual property can add value to the business, serve as collateral for loans, generate streams of revenue through licensing royalties and provide a competitive edge in this ever-changing marketplace.

Business and Civil Litigation

  • Businesses often don’t realize the need to be proactive in defending and protecting their copyright and trademark rights, until after their rights have been infringed and often litigation is the only or the best way to ensure that they continue to reap the rewards of their hard-earned rights. Businesses must protect their intellectual property rights or risk losing them; or diminishing the value of such copyrights or trademarks to such a degree as to detrimentally impact their bottom line, which no business can afford. Further, WB Mills assists clients to defend against allegations of infringement and other civil wrongs.

    WB Mills helps its clients in litigation to address issues raised by technological issues. For example, internet marketing has helped businesses reach a broader audience, thereby increasing sales, distribution and brand recognition to more regions of the United States and the world than ever before. However, this same advantageous marketing avenue has complicated litigation and jurisdictional issues. WB Mills’ attorneys help clients navigate these complexities before and after a dispute arises.

To get more information on how a WB Mills, PLLC attorney can help your business with its trademark, copyright, business and civil litigation matters and/or help maximize the value of your businesses’ works and brands, please call to schedule a consultation or use our contact page.

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    Areas Of Practice Include:

  • Trademark Law
  • Copyright Law
  • Unfair Competition
  • Trade Secrets
  • IP Licensing and Assignments
  • Copyright & Trademark Registrations
  • Business Litigation
  • USPTO TTAB Representation
  • Domain Disputes
  • Entertainment Law
  • Business Employment Matters

Latest News

WB Mills, PLLC is now expanding services to North Dallas with its new location in Addison TX. We are right-off the North Dallas Tollway and I-635. We will be available at this location starting October 3, 2016.

WB Mills, PLLC is now expanding services to include patent law with the addition of attorney Cynthia Dashiell as of Counsel. Ms. Dashiell is experienced with Patent Law matters. She is a nine-year engineer and ten-year patent attorney Cynthia Dashiell.

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